Zap Hosting – FiveM, Minecraft, and VPS Servers

Zap Hosting – FiveM, Minecraft, and VPS Servers

Zap hosting is an all-in-one hosting company offering outstanding hosting services in almost all ranges.

In search of web hosting or gaming hosting, you should add a name to your list: Zap hosting. Zap has a lot of hosting products for you like FiveM hosting servers, Minecraft hosting servers, VPS servers, and many more. You can even get the domain name from zap. There are a lot of features and services there for you. Moreover, you can even buy web hosting with managed plans from Zap.

Buying a host for any purpose like gaming servers, dedicated servers, or web hosting, is a very important and difficult task to find and select the right host for your project.

That’s why we are writing a detailed review about Zap hosting. By reading it, you will be able to understand the quality of Zap’s services and a brief overview of its other products.

Keep reading the article perhaps you will get the answers to your all queries about Zap.

FiveM servers by Zap hosting

FiveM is a special modification of an open-world game that allows players to play on a dedicated server. It is the most popular gaming modification among gamers.

When you buy a FiveM server for gaming you become limitless and you can play on your rules. In the FiveM server, you play with other players in a fictional world where you enjoy a lot of beautiful views and have a great gaming experience. You can play in various modifications on FiveM servers. You can also deploy your modification on your FiveM server.

The price of the FiveM server starts from 7.90€ per month.

Zap hosting offers you the following modes for FiveM servers:

  • FIVE: FiveM Mod (txAdmin) with price starting at 7.90 €
  • FIVE: FiveM Mod (Linux) with price starting at 7.90 €
  • FIVE: FiveM Mod (Windows) with price starting at 7.90 €
  • FIVE: FiveM ESX RP Server with price starting at 7.90 €
  • FIVE: FiveM Mod (QBCore) with price starting at 7.90 €
  • FIVE: RedM (Linux) with price starting at 4.90 €

Minecraft gaming servers by Zap Hosting

Minecraft games are very popular games among gamers for a very long time and they love to play these games and enjoy the missions.

There are a lot of gaming hosting companies offering the services of Minecraft hosting like apex Minecraft server hosting, ScalaCube Minecraft hosting, etc. Similarly, Zap hosting also offers Minecraft server hosting with a bunch of Minecraft game mods. You can enjoy Minecraft games with zap hosting by getting Minecraft server hosting from Zap.

The price of Minecraft server hosting starts at 2.76 € / Month and you can enjoy many features of Zap hosting with their Minecraft server hosting.

When you buy the Minecraft server hosting from zap, you get the following Minecraft gaming mods:

  • Minecraft: Vanilla starting at 2.76 €
  • Minecraft: Spigot starting at 2.76 €
  • Minecraft: Paper Spigot starting at 2.76 €
  • Minecraft: Bedrock starting at 2.76 €
  • Minecraft: Forge starting at 2.76 €
  • Minecraft: Bukkit starting at 2.76 €

Zap just not offers Minecraft gaming servers. It has a strong cloud platform for gaming servers.

In the gaming category, besides Minecraft servers, Zap also offers the following gaming servers:

  • Valheim: Valheim starting at 7.90 €
  • V Rising: V Rising starting at 6.90 €
  • The myth of Empires – Dedicated server starting at 11.04 €
  • FIVE starting at 4.90 €
  • Curse / Twitch starting at 2.76 €
  • Satisfactory starting at 3.60 €
  • SCP starting at 2.76 €
  • Windows VPS for LS22 starting at 9.90 €

If you are a gaming lover, Zap has the following options for you.

VPS servers by Zap

You can buy shared VPS servers from Zap. You can buy VPS servers from Zap for your small projects with full reliability and access. There will be full access to the admin panel for your Zap VPS server.

The price of a VPS server on Zap hosting starts at 7.90 €. There are Windows and Linux-based VPS servers available for you.

If you want more power for your biggest projects, Zap has the option of Root Server Hosting. This service is starting from 12.90 €. KVM root servers are the best solution for projects that need power and resources. Moreover, you can window on your server.

Other web services offered by Zap

Zap has a lot of hosting services for you like Minecraft server hosting, VPS servers, and FiveM servers. We have talked about these services above. Besides these services, Zap offers the following amazing web services:

  • Web Hosting services If you are looking for web hosting to host your website, Zap can solve your problem. Zap offers the services of web hosting by the name of web space. You can get web services from Zap at 3.90 € per month. However, zap is offering a lot of customer-friendly services, but we do not recommend their web services.
  • Top Level DomainsZap offers you the services of domain name registration. You can register the unique name of your business or idea with Zap for 7.90 €. You can also check the availability of your desired domain with the feature of check domains.
  • Plesk License Rental – With the Plesk license rental service of Zap, you can manage sub-domains and can provide FTP access to your users. You have the facility to manage all these things from a web portal.


Zap is a hosting services provider company that offers a lot of web services and gaming hosting services. You can get FiveM servers, VPS servers, Minecraft services, and many more servers from Zap. All of these servers are available at different prices.

Moreover, Zap also offers web hosting, domain name registration, and Plesk license rental services to you. However, its gaming hosting services are more popular compared to other hosting services.

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