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What Is Web Hosting And Domain Name

Web hosting and domain name are the base of any website. In my web development career, when clients come from Facebook or Fiverr and demand a website for their business, personal blog or eCommerce they mostly do not know about web hosting and domain name. I have to write a long description for them to tell them about web hosting and domain names in a common and simple way.

In this article, we will discuss what is domain name and web hosting and try to understand both terms in a very very simple way. We will also get an idea of where we can get web hosting and where we can register the domain name for our website. Which companies are the best web hosting providers companies and from where we should buy domain names for our website?

If we talk about web hosting and domain name is a common and simple way, we say that web hosting and domain name are basic building blocks for any website. Without both of them, it is impossible to go live with your website or access it worldwide.

You have a well-defined proper code and programming for your website and everything is written in advanced languages but without web hosting and domain, everything is useless. You can’t go live and show your idea on the internet. Even if you want to start a WordPress website, both of them are very very important for that purpose.

Let’s discuss why both of them are so important to starting a website.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a package of services that make sure that your website is live and easily accessible throughout the internet and provides the storage to save the data of your website.

Every website is placed on a big computer which is called a server. Websites contain data like pictures, videos, text information and even the code of the website. To store all these things, we need storage and web hosting provides us with that storage.

The database of any website is maintained and established from the server-side and we get this server-side from web hosting. To share files on the network and perform other similar tasks, we need the services of FTP server and other server-related services and all of them are provided by web hosting to work smoothly.

The server is a large computer which keeps live or online 24/7 and serves the community. We also have storage on our personal computer but we can’t use it as a web server because first of all, we can’t keep our PC on 24/7 and secondly we have limited resources on our PC which are designed only for us. So, we can use it as a web server, eventually, we need web hosting services to make sure the working of our website works.

Every single website available on the internet is hosted by some web hosting provider company and offers you their services. You can never deny or neglect the importance of web hosting and domain name to start a website. Techy Orbit is hosted by IONOS By 1&1 web hosting and domain name provider company.

What is web hosting and domain name

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique identity of your website through which your website is identified and called throughout the internet. This is a unique property of your website whose value increases day by day with the passage of time. An old domain name has strong authority and value in front of google.

As every person has a name from which we call them. Similarly, a domain name is the unique name of a website through which it is called but the difference is multiple persons can have the same name with the same spellings but the domain name of every website is 100% unique. You may have heard the same names of two different websites, their pronunciation may be the same but their spellings will be 100% unique.

A unique IP address is mapped against a unique domain name. Apparently, we type the domain name of our website on the search engine or we click on the link where our domain name is attached but behind the scene, the website is called or accessed through that unique IP address.

The domain name is configured with the web hosting and when the website is completely set up, we call it by its domain name. By domain name, the request is transferred to the server and it shows that particular content of that website which the user calls through a unique domain name.

Web hosting and domain name both are equally valuable and important to set up and access a website on the internet.

What Is Domain Name

From where we can buy web hosting and domain name?

There are different web hosting and domain name providers available in the market. Different companies offer the services of web hosting and domain name registration for your website.

Some companies only offer the services of web hosting but they don’t provide the facility of domain name registration there are many companies which offer both services web hosting as well as domain name registration.

Some web hosting provider companies are good for their web hosting services and some are good as the best web hosting for beginners. There are groups of different web hosting provider companies which are good in different aspects. Let’s discuss the best web hosting provider companies and domain name registrars available in the market.

The best web hosting for beginners

There is a list of web hosting companies which are good for you if you are a beginner. Basically, these companies have beginner-friendly features to facilitate beginners in an effective way. If you are a beginner and willing to host your website, the following web hosting providers are best for you:

  • Bluehost
  • SiteGround
  • Hostinger
  • DreamHost
  • Flywheel

Here is the list of the top 6 best web hosting companies for beginners, to get more information about these web hostings you can click here.

Best cheap web hosting companies

There are different web hosting services offered by different companies, some are cheap, some are normal and some are very very expensive. It all depends on the quality of the services and resources provided by your web hosts. Here is the list of top 7 the best cheap web hosting services providers to host your website on the internet. If your budget is minimum, you can choose any of them to host your website, these all are pocket-friendly web hosting companies.

  • IONOS By 1&1
  • DreamHost
  • Hostinger
  • GoDaddy
  • Bluehost
  • Namecheap

To get deep information about the above-listed cheap and best pocket-friendly web hosting provider companies, you can click here.

Best managed WordPress hosting provider companies

Managed WordPress hosting is a special kind of tension-free web hosting service which is designed only for WordPress websites. This is a tension-free web hosting in which everything is managed by your host for your WordPress website. This web hosting is comparatively expensive. Here is the list of the top 5 the best WordPress-managed web hosting providers:

  • Convesio
  • WP Engine
  • DreamHost
  • Liquid Web
  • Namecheap

You can choose any of them to host your WordPress website. To get deep information about the best-managed WordPress hosting provider companies click here.

Best domain name registrar

As we know that web hosting and domain name is a very essential parts of a website. One of the basic building blocks. Many web hosting companies offer the services of web hosting and domain name registration. The domain name of the Techy Orbit is taken from Namecheap. Here is the list of the top 5 best domain name registrars to get domain names for your website. You can choose any of them to buy a domain name for your website.

  • Namecheap
  • GoDaddy
  • Bluehost
  • IONOS By 1&1
  • HostGator

You can buy the domain name for your website from the above-listed domain name registrars. Click here to get a comprehensive guide about the best domain registrar.

Web Hosting and domain name providers


Web hosting and domain name are important and basic building blocks for a website. Without both of them, the existence of a website on the internet is impossible. If you want to launch a personal website, business website, blog or eCommerce store, it is very necessary to have both of them a web hosting and a unique identity(domain of website).

There are different best hosting providers and domain name registrars available in the market. You can buy web hosting and domain name from any of them.

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