Virtual Machines – A Brief Information And Idea About Virtualization

Virtual Machine

We all have our physical devices or machines. Perhaps you are reading this article from your own device or it may be your friend’s. Most people know about physical machines. It means many people don’t even know about virtual machines. So, in this article, I’m going to explain the concept of virtualization and the software product which is used for this purpose.

Mostly the students of computer science need to know about the concept of virtualization or virtual machines because they need to interact with software that is used in virtualization for their study purposes. 

What is virtualization?

In computer science, virtualization or virtualization is creating the virtual version of something.

Another definition: 

Virtualization is the process of running multiple guests on a single host machine.

The concept of virtualization in the 1960s.

Basically, we create a logical machine on our computer system and we call it a virtual machine. 

In the virtualization concept, we have a host machine and a guest machine or machines.

What are a host machine and a guest machine?

The host machine is the computer on which the hypervisor runs single or multiple virtual machines.

The virtual machines running on the host are called guest machines. 

One thing always keeps in mind is that in virtualization, there will be a single host machine but guest machines may be single or multiple. In simple words, a single host can have multiple guests but the guest machines always have a single host.

Why do we need virtualization?

Mostly we have a single personal computing machine. For any reason, when we need to learn about any other operating system but we can not leave or remove our current operating system, we install virtual machines on our computer.

For example, you are a student of computer science and you are using the Windows operating system, but your teacher asked you to install Linux operating system because your course in the current semester is related to Linux and for the seek of practical work, Linux is necessary.

Now you can’t leave your windows operating system because Windows is performing all your other tasks and you can’t buy another computer only for Linux because it is very costly. So what do you do here? You will install software like VMWare that supports virtualization and create a virtual machine there and you install Linux there. 

After it, you are able to run two operating systems on a single computer. In this case, the windows operating system is your host operating system and Linux operating system is your guest operating system. 

When you create a virtual machine basically you share the resources of your computer with that. For example, your computer system has 8GB Ram and 120GB SSD. Now you create a virtual machine on your computer and allot 2GB of ram and 20GB of SSD to the virtual machine.

Now, there is 6GB of ram and 100GB of SSD available for your host, in this way system is sharing its resources to solve our problem.

List Of Software That We Can Use In Virtualization

To create a virtual machine you need special software that allows you to create virtual machines on your host. There are different software available on the market for this purpose, some of them are:

VMware Workstation

Windows Virtual PC


VMware Fusion


SolarWinds Virtualization Manager

Parallels Desktop


V2 Cloud

This is the list of software that we use for virtualization in our computer system. Mostly we use VMware workstation because it is the most reliable and very easy to use. This software is written in C and C++ and initially, it was released in 1999. Now the latest version of VMware is VMware Workstation pro which is 64 bits-based operating system software. It means it is suitable for 64-bit operating systems. It is suitable for Windows and Linux operating systems. 

This was the basic information about the concept of virtualization and VMware Workstation software. I hope this article increased your knowledge and you enjoyed learning with TechyOrbit. Keep reading, keep improving and keep learning with us.

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