Easy Calculator To Find Nth Root Of A Number

Nth Root Of Number

Here is the calculator that will calculate the nth root of any number for you.

Nth root means the level of root that you want to find a number. For example, (√5) means the square root of five, (3√27) means cube root of 27 and (nth√36) means the nth root of 36 in simple words it might be 4√36 or 7√36 or 12√36 or any root of any number.

This calculator will ask you for the number of roots and the number as an input. It will calculate that root for you. 

For example, if you have a question like find 6√729. 


6= Root Number

729 = The Given Number

You need to give the root number and the given number to this calculator and it will find the answer for you.

When you enter 6 as a root number in this calculator and 729 as a given number, you will get answer 3 as a result. It means the 6th root of 729 is 3.

This is how this calculator works.

Formula Used In This Calculator

The formula used in this calculator is:



Nth= Root Number

a= given number

Have happy calculations.

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