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Apex Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft server hosting is a gaming hosting that allows an individual or a business to run Minecraft games.

Minecraft’s are games basically. Minecraft server allows you to run a Minecraft game and you can enjoy the whole environment with it. These are not simple games but a whole environment like a real-life scenario. There are a lot of challenges and creative ideas that arise while playing Minecraft games. Moreover, you can learn a lot of survival techniques and many more.

Apex Minecraft hosting is one of the leading companies which provides Minecraft servers at reasonable prices and you can enjoy your favourite Minecraft games with apex.

With the advancement in technologies, apex Minecraft hosting uses cutting-edge hardware technologies to facilitate its users in a very effective and efficient way.

How to use apex hosting?

To use apex hosting, you can follow the following four steps

1. Check your email for the “New Product Information” email

This can take a few minutes because validating the payment gateways may take some time. This email will contain all the information about the product that you will purchase from Apex. Moreover, this email will contain all the information related to the apex Minecraft server that you will buy. This information will help you out in configuring your server. After a few minutes please check your spam folder if the email will not appear in your mailbox.

2. Connect and configure your game server

In this step, you will connect and configure your mail server. In the case of streaming games, you can connect through the server’s panel but for normal situations, you can use the server browser from the steam client and enter the IP:PORT that you just received in the product information mail.

3. Login to your Multicraft Control Panel to edit server settings and install new plugins

To log in to your Multicraft control panel, you can use the login credentials that you will receive in the product information mail. There will be a temporary username and password to log in. When you first log in to your server panel change your username and password. These are credentials which are different from your billing credentials.

After logging in, you can set up your server according to your needs.

4. Login to your billing area

If you want to upgrade the hardware aspects of your apex Minecraft server hosting like RAM and Disk Storage, you can log in to your billing area and pay for those resources. You can use the billing area for the modification of all your account information.

You can handle your hosting account from the billing area like upgrading your server and changing the credentials and other stuff with apex Minecraft hosting.

Is apex Minecraft server hosting free?

Free! This is a strange world especially when there are a lot of expenses on hardware and infrastructure. So, the sweet and short answer is Apex Minecraft server hosting is not for free.

As we know there is no free lunch, everything costs something. Similarly, apex hosting is not for free. The main reason is expensive hardware and infrastructure. Apex hosting offers you high-quality best Minecraft server hosting with excellent progress. To provide excellent progress results there is very expensive hardware and services are benign used behind the scene. So, you have to pay for apex Minecraft hosting to play your favourite Minecraft games.

Is apex hosting safe to use?

Apex Minecraft hosting provides the best Minecraft hosting servers including all security patches. You get the best DDoS protection from apex hosting. Moreover, you will get excellent uptime with strong and advanced DDoS protection.

So, we can say that apex hosting is very safe to use. You can enjoy advanced security with amazing uptime.

How to get apex hosting for free?

Apex hosting is not available for free, so you have to pay for it. There is not any other option. As we already mentioned there is no free lunch. There is a lot of money spent on resources and services. So, you have to pay to use advanced resources and enjoy amazing user-friendly features.

That’s why stop finding the free ways to use apex Minecraft server hosting. Spend some money and enjoy your favourite Minecraft games.

Pricing of Apex Minecraft Hosting

If we talk about prices, the prices of the apex Minecraft hosting program start from $7.49(Promotional price) first month and are regularly 9.99$(regular price) per month and ends at $37.49(Promotional price) first month and regularly 49.99$(regular price) per month. There are a total of 7 packages available for you.

The most popular plan recommended by apex is $14.99(Promotional price) first month and regularly 99.99$(regular price) per month.

If you choose a quarterly billed option then you will get a 10% discount on all packages.

The variations in the prices of hosting programs depend on the resources that apex will allocate to you. In the cheapest hosting program, you will get 2GB RAM basic servers & some modpacks but in the most mature and expensive package from the list, you will get 10GB RAM basic servers & all modpacks. Due to variations in the resources, the prices increase or decrease.

Features of apex Minecraft server hosting

You will get the following features with the hosting program of apex Minecraft server hosting:

  • User-friendly Control Panel With Video Guides – you will get a user-friendly control panel with apex server hosting. It is very easy to use because there are a lot of video guides for you and most important user-friendly UX.
  • Quick Server Setup – With apex hosting, you can set up your Minecraft server within only 5 minutes.
  • Game Server Hosting You Can Rely On – apex offers you 24/7 customer support. First of all, you can easily set up everything but if you face any error, you can contact them. Due to high-speed servers, you will get a peaceful environment, physically as well as mentally.
  • Advanced DDoS protection – Apex offers you advanced DDoS protection and keeps you safe.
  • Perfect Up Time – Apex offers you an uptime of 99.99%. It means you can access your resources anytime anywhere.
  • High-Speed – Apex offers you very high speed due to its worldwide spread servers.


Apex Minecraft server hosting is one of the best hosting programs for playing Minecraft games. You will get incredible results from it. It has an amazing user-friendly hosting panel to manage your server. You can use it to play interesting Minecraft games. It has hosting plans for individuals as well as companies. You can have a lot of fun with apex Minecraft hosting. To start now, you can CLICK HERE.

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